White Ribbon Campaign UK believes that the ratification of the Istanbul Convention on violence against women should be a priority for the UK Government.

It is the first  truly comprehensive instrument at the European level which addresses Violence against Women. It addresses Provision of services and ensuring adequate information about services, Protection through adequate police responses, Prosecution with good legislation and Monitoring so that states live up to their obligations.

There is also important provision for work on Prevention, and for White Ribbon in particular.  The Convention calls on all members of society, in particular men and boys, to help reach its goal of creating a Europe free from all forms of violence against women and domestic violence.

The Prime Minister announced proudly on International Womens Day 2013 that he was signing the Convention. How disappointing that the UK Government has not seen fit to ratify the Convention, unlike 16 other European states who have ratified it.

The UK was one of the last countries in Europe to ratify the Convention on Trafficking. Let us not wait any longer. Ensure that it is not shamefully one of the last countries in Europe to ratify the Istanbul Convention.