Whilst a recent report into domestic violence in Suffolk* suggests that incidents of domestic violence and abuse in Suffolk are higher than the national average, domestic violence and rape crisis services are under pressure to meet growing demand. Funding is under threat. One of two refuges in Ipswich closed recently. The sole rape crisis centre in the county is at risk of scaling back services due to funding uncertainty.

We believe that by ratifying the Istanbul Convention, the UK government will be committing themselves. A promise to proactively try to end the plague of violence against women in the UK.

We support the IC Change UK campaign wholeheartedly. We appeal to the UK government to honour their promise to ratify the Istanbul Convention and protect the human rights of women and victims of domestic violence. IC Change UK should not have to mark a 5th birthday.

*Understanding domestic abuse in Suffolk; a study by iSEED, UCS, commissioned by Suffolk Police Crime Commissioner – published 3rd March 2015