Lighthouse Women’s Aid fully supports the campaign for the government to ratify the Istanbul Convention. 

Lighthouse has been providing specialist support services for women and children affected by domestic violence for 40 years during which time the problem has become an epidemic in our society.  Referrals to our organisation have increased by 140% in the last year since the implementation of a high risk service in Suffolk, and still statutory funding is cut.

The prevent, protect and prosecute elements of the convention are key to  tackling violence against women and girls and it is paramount that the government commit to  legislation, education, training and essentially to long term funding for much needed specialist resources that support women and girls affected by domestic violence.

Violence against women and girls will not go away without meaningful intervention and therefore Lighthouse is happy to support the IC Change campaign by appealing  to the Government as a matter of urgency to ratify the Istanbul Convention.

The Convention leaves no doubt: there can be no real equality between women and men if women experience gender-based violence on a large-scale and state agencies and institutions turn a blind eye.