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On Monday 7th September 2015

IC Change told the UK Government: #‎ICchangeYourTune!

IC Change is calling on the UK Government to do the final bits of legislation needed to ratify the Istanbul Convention. We appreciate the steps the UK Government has already taken towards complying with the Istanbul Convention, including legislating on FGM, forced marriage, and psychological abuse.

However, we need ALL the changes the Istanbul Convention provides. And the Government have become a bit of a broken record - sending out (pretty much) the same line for a year now saying why they’ve stalled.

The hold up (according to the current Government line) is that before ratification they need sort out the law around 'extra territorial jurisdiction' and talk to the devolved administrations about their compliance.

So, we thought we'd give them a musical boost to finish the work when Parliament came back from summer break.

On Monday 7th September 2015 we sent the then Home Secretary, Theresa May, a motivational mix-tape to tell her: #ICchangeYourTune - and to give her Motivation for Legislation.


7th September Twitter action:

IC Change and our supporters @ICchangeUK Tweeted the Home Office our favourite motivational song(s) to give them the boost they needed to take action.

IC Change Spotify list

Here's the Spotify motivational mix-tape list that we sent the Home Office of all our favourite tunes. The written tracklist is available here. Enjoy!!

Making noise about #ICchangeYourTune

As well as kindly sharing our favourite tunes with the Home Office, we had a Thunderclap to make some noise. And of course we encouraged people to sign the petition calling on the UK Government to ratify the Istanbul Convention.