16 days: AVA

ava puzzle pieceSupporting organisations and professionals working to end violence against women and girls

We ACT because … they equip professionals working to end violence against women and girls, from frontline staff to Government Ministers, by providing training, resources, and good practice guidelines.

Training professionals is one of the key ways Against Violence and Abuse (AVA) tackles violence against women and girls. Their training for professionals includes how to identify different forms of violence against women, support survivors, and work with children and young people affected by violence. And it’s had great feedback from professionals who have taken part.

An example of AVA’s innovative work is the Prevention Platform, created to support education practitioners in developing and delivering a comprehensive programme to stop violence against women and girls (VAWG). The prevention platform aims to be a unique ‘one-stop shop’ for information, tools and resources to help professionals prevent VAWG with the young people they work with.

The importance of raising awareness about abuse cannot go unheard. Only through education and time for self-reflection can we begin to unpick some of the damaging myths prevalent in our culture that act as huge barriers for us to really hear the voices of survivors.

The invaluable task of training professionals would be guaranteed by Istanbul Convention on ‘the prevention and detection of such violence, equality between women and men, the needs and rights of victims, as well as on how to prevent secondary victimisation’ [Article 15]

ACT: Sign the petition to ratify the Istanbul Convention and guarantee training for professionals on violence against women

SUPPORT: Use and share AVA’s resources