If you want to find out more
about the Istanbul
Convention, here are some helpful resources:uk and circle


What the Istanbul Convention actually says

You can read the Istanbul Convention itself here.

For lighter reading, here is a summary of what the Istanbul Convention is all about.

Why we need the Istanbul Convention in the UK

New report by the Joint Committee on Human Rights on violence against women and girls in the UK, with strong recommendations for the Government to ratify the Istanbul Convention.

Find out what women's organisations like Women's Aid, Rape Crisis, and Southall Black Sisters, are saying about the Istanbul Convention on violence against women.

How the Istanbul Convention is a tool to end violence against women

The Istanbul Convention: A global tool to end violence against women (Council of Europe)

The Istanbul Convention: A tool to end female genital mutilation (End FGM campaign, Amnesty International, Council of Europe 2014)

Refugee women and the Istanbul Convention (UNHCR, Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe 2013)